The Impact of AI on Graphic Design

Human creativity is infinite whereas A.I. operates under strict rules. Right now services like midjourney can aid in creation of pictures but if A.I. is made more competent in image generation, graphic designers might cease to exist.
I managed to get 10 great designs from a quite simple artwork to draw. Ask @M4XW3LL to mark my homework out of 10! lol he'll tell you honestly what the comparison between me drawing for 10 hours, and him generating a design in 30 seconds is! lol

I know which I find to be the most fun! hahah. But for the image I drew I just traced and made a bit better geometrically a design from AI, chatgpt to be exact. The vector quality isn't there with ai I think, but with a bit with the special TIT technique you get a good result (Tablet, illustrator, Time) lol
To be honest, AI design save lots of time and produce good results but in the end of the day human are the one who have emotions and really create something from their heart and creativity
Tough time for designers for sure. But for sure there are many things AI can't do. Probably they should learn front end too now
Tough time in terms of competition I guess. AI sometimes help give a clue on how a design should look like.
The best use case for AI was in the design generation space. It messed up creative writing; I am not sure humanity will recover from thst.
AI revolutionizes graphic design by automating repetitive tasks like image editing, layout generation, and font selection. It enhances creativity with tools for style transfer, image recognition, and predictive design. However, concerns arise regarding job displacement and ethical use, requiring designers to adapt and collaborate with AI to harness its potential responsibly.
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