The IMers Valentines Day present

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by warrior skunk, Feb 9, 2010.

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    Alright I am a little strapped for the good old cash for this Valentine's Day and I thought of what I think will go over as a pretty good V-Day present for my fiancee. Gentlemen, feel free to give it a try, Ladies, tell me what you think...

    My plan is to put together a quick website. The website will simply consist of a nice sappy love letter to my fiancee. I will then attempt to get this website ranked number one on Google for a keyword such as "I love you NAME". I will then continue to post on Facebook something of the sort, "Everyone should search on Google for "I love you NAME" and check out the first result." I just know that she will love the fact that this is public and such.

    A few other keyword ideas:
    NAME I love you
    I love NAME
    Happy Valentines Day NAME
    Be my valentine NAME

    Of course I could spend my time trying to make money for a present, but I am a little out of time for that. Also, the idea is that the keyword I would find will have such low competition that I should be able to rank very easily.

    Unfortunately, I have not had any time to start without her noticing and so I only have 6 days!
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    How sweet.. a man thinking out the box for his honey ;) you go boyyy!!