The "GURU'S" Suck

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    I'm a Bumm, can't ya tell!!! LOL!!!!
    Pennsylvania, USA
    Hi Y'all,

    my aka is buddyskip, and yes i'm and old timer that's come back to the computer age. I was around and even remember when Microsoft was a wet dream and spot on good 'ole Gates' linens!!! LOL

    Fillisaime, Dillard, and the likes they keep rehashin the same shite over and over and over again, it's like jerkin off to the same POV scene day in and day out - GUYS either get a life or get new material!!!

    but seriously folks, i started learning Basic, fortran, cobol, assembler, paschal and the likes way back in the early '80s - i was a computer burn out.

    now i've gotten back into the ring and am starting to learn but i need your help.

    where do i start??? there are so many things that you gotta know but do you learn traffic, seo, backlinks, cpa, ppc what to do first???

    any and all advice(even criticism) is more than welcome and i make this vow to the BHW Society that anything i get my hands on i'll share, PERIOD!!!

    SO HERE'S TO YOU GUYS :drinking2 & to all of our success!!!