The Great SEO Heist of 2024


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Dec 30, 2023
2024 kicks off with a bang as I start my biggest heist to date.

Over recent years I have pulled off a number of heists stealing traffic and money from competitors leaving them helpless.

I love the game.

Well having done that previously it’s time to up my game

go big or go home.

How big?

Well here’s some scary stats for you:

  • 80+ domain rating on hrefs
  • 20 year old domain name
  • 4million organic traffic
  • 3 million backlinks
It’s a monster of a site. An absolute monster of a site and that excites me but you know what is going to make this more fun?

I am starting with a fresh domain.

No DR, no links and no history.

The domain name is completely new. It took me a full day of searching to get a domain name I like and fits in with my criteria. After endless hours of searching I got one and it’s a .com and for the first year it hasn’t cost me anything (woo hoo).

So what the hell is the plan?

You will probably have seen the highly publicised heist that took place this year (that was actually a good advert for a product by that’s another topic). The method was essentially:

Find victim
Copy site map
Rewrite articles
Publish fast

That’s the basic model I will be following but with more in-depth process as each step.

why this target site?

Large established websites can get lazy on both their output and upkeep of a site.

This I believe has happened on this site.

I have established that my website will improve on their site in 4 or 5 key areas on every single page. There are over 10000 indexed pages from this website so that’s a lot of small adjustments.

It’s my belief that these areas will force google to prefer me over them in the serps.

How will you create the content?

Completely with AI. I will be using Claude and Bard for this as they are free and do what I require them to do. I have several accounts with Claude and also use the Poe app on my phone.

Each page takes about 1 hour to create. That’s from doing serp analysis to publishing. It’s not mass AI autoblogging but it’s good and works.

As a point of reference none of my sites have been hit recently and they are all 100% AI.

I think this is because I use AI in a way no one else is talking about. I will no doubt reveal some of this as we go.

what’s this going to cost.

I have given myself $500 for this project.

So far my outgoings have been:

Domain Name: free

Hosting:EasyWP through Namecheap $100

Theme: Generate Press and Generate Blocks free.

AI: Free

I have a few fiverr gigs in mind as we go through I may use but don’t really envision spending much more. However it’s good to have money there in case it’s needed.

So here we go. Any questions just ask - you never know I might answer.
Day One:

Happy new year.

Today is a crucial but boring day. It’s all about looking at the competition from several view points.

I am looking at their site structure, page structure and finally their content.

For their site structure I have been looking at how they do or don’t organise their site. Url structure.

They generally go with domain

There is some structure to the site but I think they would benefit from having a catergory section in their url.

For both google and users I think something like:


Is better than

There’s a logical flow to mine. You know that the article about temperature is related to black coffee. It’s not about white coffee.

Their current structure isn’t that clear and I think would require a different article then what they have posted.

I have take their sitemap by going to their

I then used an online tool to convert sitemap to excel.

In excel I used a formula to get rid of bit to leave me with a list of article titles:

=SUBSTITUTE(A1, "", "")

My next task will be to build out a topical map and then place the articles into the correct section.

There are some keyword clustering tools online I will have a play with but I have generally found this is best done manually.

Although I do have idea I want to try out with Claude.
Are you using tools to rewrite content?

Quick answer would be Claude AI free version.

Longer answer is I will be doing a little bit more than simply rewriting articles. I am looking to improve on them and take advantage of semantic seo along the way.

I have a process that uses three free AI tools to assess the serp, the article and help me improve on the information already out there.

I then compile this information into a pdf and create an article brief. I then get Claude to write the article using my own prompt.

This probably takes about 15 mins to do. I could probably publish at this point but there’s a few things I want to do to double check the info and then add images and a few other on page things I like.
Solid plan good luck ;)

Would like to know how unique the contents will become after you ran them through your AI routine. I assume you totally restructure them.
Solid plan good luck ;)

Would like to know how unique the contents will become after you ran them through your AI routine. I assume you totally restructure them.
The content and the structure will be unique with the one caveat - google likes consensus.

Knowledge gaps are really important to look out for. This goes beyond just looking at the h tags of the top SERPs.
And you expect a website owner with those stats to stay put and do nothing about your plans?
And you expect a website owner with those stats to stay put and do nothing about your plans?
Eventually I expect they will but the one of the beauties of a well implemented heist is you seem to appear out of nowhere.

Time will tell but I am guessing I will be okay.
So today has been busy on two fronts.

I have been planning and working on various spreadsheets for this project. It’s quite a task sorting out the work flow but getting my ducks in order now will mean I can hit it hard later down the line.

It’s boring task of searching and recording information- not the glamour stuff but needs to be done.

My Claude experiment was disappointing so I need to look at the topical map in more detail - probably next week.

I have signed up for a free trial with SemRush which will get hammered this week and I am having a little play with seowritng.Ai - not sure I want to commit to the price though.
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