The Google SEO War..

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    We've heard it all....

    The negative effects of Panda and Penguin
    Adsense accounts banned
    Adwords accounts banned
    No more direct linking
    Penalties, suspensions
    Reporting competitors
    Negative SEO tactics
    Google representatives difficult to get ahold of
    Manual reviews
    Webmaster tools turning into a way to trick people into getting penalized
    Google analytics doing the same
    And so much more...

    All it's done is push people to try more spammy, blackhat ways of gaming the system and has made Google a worse search engine, forcing them to create more strict guidelines that have become unreasonable and are hurting more and more whitehat sites and honest, hardworking SEOs.

    The question is this:

    What are we going to do about it that won't hurt anyone but Google?

    Ideas that have been thrown around:

    - Boycotting Google
    This doesn't help, since clients all want high Google rankings and SEO is geared mostly towards Google

    - Negative SEO to authority sites
    This doesn't seem to work since they are getting special treatment by Google already

    - Reporting authority sites

    - More blackhat tricks to game the system
    Causes more regulations to be put up -- may ultimately be the answer, unfortunately.

    Anyone else have any big/creative ideas on this?