The google keyword tool doesn't show any results?


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Sep 4, 2009
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Have this happened to you with any word?

I don't know if this is related with the other problem, where it shows much less searches now, but while researching a brand of watch i found it doesnt want to show me any long tails.

- the brand name alone gets 500k searches per month, so it isnt some unpopular one, with not enough data
- im checking "Ideas containing my search terms" so it shows just the long tails no synonyms or related
- and it outputs just the brand name, not even a single additional phrase
- i entered manually couple of long tails, and there IS data for them, and they get quite a lot searches, but it doesnt output them.
- i did few other brands for test, and it did output lots of long tails for them.
- it's the same with the legacy tool

Is that just from now or you've experienced such behavior and before?
Where would you advise me to try as well to get that data?

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