"The Golden Game" - Lets create a 1 million members list! [FREE]

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    This idea has been going though my mind lately.

    We all know the money is in the list. Also you dont have to have a product but just a fresh list to market to. You can also sell your fresh list. I mean fresh lists go for a lot of $.

    So how can we create a 1 million members list?

    Lets take a look at this:

    Most of us have heard that if you double $1 per day in 20 days you will have a cool million. Its true. Simple math..

    So lets build an email list based on a game that everyone will want to play and which also starts at November 11, 2011 or 11.11.11!

    We wont actually play any games but just advertise that we are gonna play a game, "The Golden Game", which will include cash prizes of $111,111!


    We gather around (preferably 50 BHers) and we email to as many people as we know about the website and the game.

    The website will be a "Ready to Launch" website with a countdown timer set for 11.11.11 at 11.11pm GMT for example.

    A site like this:

    We will urge everyone to subscribe via email and also send an invite to their friends.

    The important thing here is to email to people that trust you as well as strangers. People that trust you find it easier to join and also recommend your website to others.

    Some math:

    We start today as a group of 50 BHers. We email to everyone and we reach 20 people each which makes up for a total 1,000.

    These 1,000 people will need to invite at least 2 friends of theirs and the new people to sign up will have to invite another 2 and so on.

    In just 10 days from now (which also happens to be 11.11.11) we will have reached a 1 million members list!


    I have hosting as well as Interspire Email Marketer.

    We will need a simple cheap template like the one i showed you which i will buy as well.

    What do we also need?

    We need a script that urges interested member to invite their friends before they are able to signup for the game.

    For example: In order to signup, invite at least 5 friends of yours. Preferably the script will be able to import contacts from Yahoo, Hotmail etc..

    So if there is someone who can create a simple script like that or knows a ready script that does the job and wants to take part please raise your hand.

    This has to start today to make it work till 11.11.11!

    So if you are interested post or PM. We are starting TODAY!

    Lazy people stay away. If you cannot grab your mouse and email to everyone you know then this is not for you.

    Remember that you dont have to have a big list of emails. Just email to all your contacts or lists you have.

    Everyone will be monitored from Interspire Marketer as to how many people he/she referred so if you havent taken any action you will not receive the fresh email list at the end..


    We create a website urging people to signup for a game that will reward them with cash prizes and/or gold.

    We email everyone we know and they signup and also refer friends to the game.

    What we need is people who have lists/contacts to email to and also a programmer to help with the Invitation script. If no programmer or script is found today we will start without one.

    REMEMBER: THIS HAS TO START TODAY! (if there is interest of course)