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The Geniuses of the Marketing World

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by Dillusion, Apr 17, 2009.

  1. Dillusion

    Dillusion BANNED BANNED

    Apr 17, 2009
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    That's it, that's what all of you guys in this forum are, I just discovered this forum a few days ago through a search on Google about making money online, and I clicked one of the results, that was this forum, in my sub-conscience I was expecting just another forum that makes impossible claims in order for me to click some link or buy some product, but instead, I found this forum, and I got to say, if there was other sentence I could use to describe you guys here, I would, but it seems that in my limited creative mind, the geniuses of the marketing world, is the best sentence I can come up with to describe this forum and all the people in it.

    After reading only, probably, some 1% of all the information on this forum, and having my eyes in pain, I got to say, that it is like falling into a cave of gold, you guys are the most creative, intelligent and inspiring individuals I have ever came across, both in the internet and the real world, I haven't ever known anyone in my personal life with half of the commitment and creativity as each single one of you here in this forum, and since I've discovered this forum, my priorities instantly changed to dream becoming only a quarter of a successful person as most of you are here in the internet.

    I really don't know anything more to say to you guys, just, once again, that you are all the geniuses of the marketing world, and you deserve every last cent of success that you are making here.

    Thank you for having such a great forum, I just felt I had to say something about it, this is just my infinite admiration for you guys.