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[the future of internet marketing] realcoin - p2p digital currency [promote]

Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by TheGlobber, Jan 17, 2012.

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    About this JV

    This JV is about a new P2P digital coin and potential deals with internet marketers like yourself for the promotion of it online and in the real world. There are two categories of people I am looking for.

    To be considered as a potential candidate for promoting this, you must have an established method of advertising and your own audience or you must have the desire to actively participate within the RealCoin community and promote it offline in your hometown. People who fall into there categories are those who:

    1) Own a website which gets a big number of daily hits

    2) Own a website and have their OWN mailing list to mail to
    3) Have a legitimate way of promoting through social media
    4)Have none of the above but want to get involved and promote locally

    If you believe you have what is deemed necessary to promote this project then feel free to PM me.

    : PM me and state the category you fall into as well as the target audience and the city (if promoting offline) you will promote at.

    Only those with legitimate means of advertising will be selected.

    As for reward, I will discuss it in private with each one of you.

    About RealCoin

    The time has arrived to change the way the internet is working. One month ago, a team of investors and developers came up with a solid plan to get rid of costly payment gateways and create a strong network of internet marketers, developers, business owners and consumers that use the same medium for transactions that is as close as possible to free. This plan resulted in the creation of a digital commodity.

    It is a professionally developed digital coin based on the best technology available to us at the moment, the BitCoin.
    Its name: The RealCoin.

    Important Statement
    : RealCoin’s view towards BitCoin is friendly. The whole BitCoin community is respected and it’s what helped get to this point. RealCoin is NOT competing against BitCoin. It will peacefully co-exist with BitCoin and exchange ideas as well as trade knowledge. RealCoin has sustained changes compared to BitCoin and it has a key difference as well as a very different route to follow.

    First of all, it has been created by Internet Marketers for Internet Marketers as well as Business Owners and Consumers.

    Secondly, it will follow a different path from BitCoin since the RealCoin community will work as a completely independent community (apart of course from the occasional exchange of knowledge). RealCoin is supported by a professional, dedicated and highly efficient team of developers(the
    Bitcoin Consultancy)* who are also developing several other projects around BitCoin.

    Lastly, it should be noted that the biggest difference with BitCoin is that there will be no early adopters. The launch is scheduled at a later date so everyone will have the chance to get in at the very beginning.

    Having said that, RealCoin will gear towards:

    · Usability: The client is very easy to use and will become even better as we go with added functionality and features
    · Transactions: Payment gateway integration, Buy now buttons etc.
    · Escrow: Different services for personal, point-of-sale and international trades including mobile phone apps, POS machines etc.
    · Exchanges: 100% secure plus guaranteed low cost fees

    RealCoin has been based on the BitCoin source code, a decentralized open source crypto-currency which is using peer-to-peer networking, digital signatures and cryptographic proof to enable irreversible payments between parties without relying on trust or a central authority (e.g. PayPal).

    The software (known as the RealCoin client) will be available to everyone on the launch date. As a security measure the source code will not be available for now. This is done to protect it during the earlier stages.

    There is much more to the inner mechanism of the RealCoin and most of it is a bit complex for people that are not into programming so the technical details will be discussed at the RealCoin forum.

    What exactly is RealCoin?
    It is an agreement amongst a community of people to use 21 million secure mathematical tokens, the RealCoins, as a form of payment.

    Key facts about the RealCoin

    ·No more than 21 million coins to ever exist
    · Decentralized and backed by each member of the community NOT by a central authority
    · Cryptography used for RealCoin is a lot stronger than the one banks use
    · Not possible for someone to seize someone else’s coins
    · Not possible to counterfeit the coins
    · RealCoins can be divided into smaller coins if the need arises
    · Almost instant transferability over the internet

    How can I get some RealCoins?
    RealCoins can be acquired in a number of ways. Let’s take a look:

    · RealCoin Faucet: A predetermined amount of RealCoins will be distributed to the first 10,000 people to join the community
    · RealCoin Exchange: A regular exchange where fiat currency such as the $/€/etc can be exchanged for RealCoins
    · Mining: Mining is a very important/competitive/expensive/profitable process for the production of new coins as well as for securing the network. Mining can be done by everyone and the more computing power the network has the more secure it gets. The 1st RealCoin client will have CPU mining already enabled on it so every user will be auto mining with the option of turning it off. For the earlier stages of RealCoin, mining will be done only through the official client
    · Trading: Trading as in providing services/products and getting paid in RealCoins
    It’s now time to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of RealCoin as well as how the community can work around the disadvantages.


    · Decentralized: No regulators and therefore an incorruptible medium
    · Secure: Latest encryption technology better than the one banks use
    · Live 24/7/365: No holidays, no weekends. Running 24/7/365
    · International: No borders, no discriminations, no limitations
    · Private: Full anonymity when it comes to personal info
    · Transparent: Every transaction is public record allowing the creation of a free and open world
    · Divisible: A RealCoin is divisible to 8 decimal places creating the possibility for micro transactions
    · No Third-Party Seizure or Theft: It’s not possible for someone else to seize your coins, freeze your account or steal your coins (unless of course he has access to your pc)
    · No Taxes within the RealCoin economy: No one can force a user to pay taxes to a central authority within the RealCoin network as there is no such mechanism or central authority. *This has nothing to do with paying taxes to your government from making a profit out of services/products you offer. Paying taxes to your government is ALWAYS the right thing to do and should NOT be avoided in any way
    · No Tracking: No one has access to personal financial data
    · Negligible Transaction Costs: Unlike common digital currencies/payment gateways/money transmitters/online wallets/etc., RealCoin has almost no transaction costs
    · No Risk of “Chargeback”: Transactions cannot be reversed which means 0% risk for merchants accepting payments for services and products


    · RealCoin Not Widely Accepted: This is about to change and the force for this to happen is YOU, the internet marketer! The developers/programmers did an outstanding job creating something like this BUT it is now the job of all internet marketers to get the word out and start spreading the use of it across all countries [SOLVED / ONGOING]
    · Lost Wallet: A very simple way to avoid losing your wallet as well as securing it, is to back it up in different storage devices and services [SOLVED]
    · RealCoin Valuation Fluctuating: A predetermined amount of coins will be available through the exchange for users to buy. The distribution of the RealCoins will be done in such a way that a huge number of people will hold coins and this will help against price fluctuating wildly thus creating a perfect coin for merchants to use. In addition this can only be the case in the beginning when users might want to exchange RealCoins back to fiat currency. When users start really using the RealCoin and buy the services/products they need with RealCoins instead of fiat currency then the RealCoin’s exchange rate will be irrelevant and the price will be more stable. [SOLVED IN THEORY]
    · No Buyer Protection: There are several solutions to this such as an Escrow service or a Seller Rating System much like the rating system of EBay [SOLVED]
    · Technical Flaws: The source code has been carefully developed and will be monitored 24/7 for potential bugs. It will also be open source in the future which means that instead of relying to one developer to keep it running, anyone who wants to get involved will always be able take a look under the hood [SOLVED / ONGOING]
    · Deflation: There is much debate about deflation being good or bad and it cannot be explained in one line nor can someone guarantee that it will be a bad thing since economics are based in theories. If you are though interested to learn why deflation can be a good thing, please check these links:
    o The Blessings of Deflation - Llewellyn H. Rockwell Jr. - Mises Daily
    o Inflation or Deflation?
    o In Defense of Deflation - Doug French - Mises Daily [SOLVED IN THEORY]
    · No Physical Form: There have been many ideas and already numerous implementations of physical forms of digital currencies [SOLVED]

    Important (please read the red paragraph below before posting)

    · The RealCoin is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme or a Ponzi scheme
    · The RealCoin will go Live at a certain date after a huge promotion will take place through numerous websites and with the help of anyone interested so that no one gets the chance to be an early adopter. Everyone will have the chance to get in at the same time
    · The RealCoin is FREE and will be OPEN SOURCE in the future when it is deemed safe. Anyone will be able to examine the source code or contribute to the project
    · The RealCoin does NOT violate any regulations or laws
    · The RealCoin community is AGAINST any type of illegal activity
    · The RealCoin community is AGAINST any type of tax evasion
    · The RealCoin community will strive to make RealCoin the internet standard
    · The RealCoin community will try to make the RealCoin appealing to a huge number of people with different backgrounds such as Internet Marketers, Developers, Business Owners as well as Common Consumers


    The digital currency has been developed in such a way that when it launches it will produce the same amount of coins that BitCoin has at the moment (a bit more than 8 million coins) and follow the same algorithms with BitCoin in terms of coin production, difficulty etc.. This is done to catch up with BitCoin and move forward side by side.

    Things you should know about the RealCoin:

    · New coins are slowly mined into existence by following a mutually agreed-upon set of rules (mining will be explained at the forums because it needs a lot of explanation but it’s not obligatory for someone to mine to be able to use the RealCoin)
    · Roughly every 10 minutes there are 50 new coins mined into existence. These 50 coins “reside” in one block which is part of the blockchain which is simply the number of blocks that were created from the launch of the coin and which are connected like a chain starting from the Genesis Block (Block #0)
    · Transferring a coin from a user to another user is as easy as entering the recipient’s address, the amount to be sent and clicking ‘Send’
    · Each transaction is forwarded to the network and validated usually within 10 to 60 minutes
    · The RealCoin addresses of each user are a long string of letters and numbers (this will be simplified in the near future with simple email looking addresses e.g. [email protected])

    The initial distribution of the pre-mined coins will be close to 8,200,000 to match the number of BitCoins at the specific date that RealCoin will launch (January 27th).

    The 8,200,000 RLC (RealCoins) will be broken down to:

    · 6,000,000 RLC that will be distributed through the exchange to anyone interested in buying
    · 1,050,000 RLC that will be kept aside for the R&D and A&P explained below
    · 1,050,000 RLC that will be distributed between the founders and investors to hedge the risk taken for this project explained below as well
    · 100,000 RLC given away for free from the RealCoin Faucet to the first 10,000 people who help get the project going

    R&D stands for Research and Development and A&P stands for Advertising and Promotion. A specific fund will be created containing 1,050,000 RLC that will be used towards the future development of RealCoin as well as the promotion of it.

    The team of investors together with the founders of RealCoin spent a bit more than $10,000 for the development of RealCoin and therefore 1,050,000 RLC will be used to hedge the risk taken for this project as well as insure the continuous development of RealCoin. In addition, the official exchange will have no fees in the beginning (the money for it to keep running will come out of the investors’ pockets) until its deemed necessary to charge a very small fee (e.g. $0.25) just to make sure that the exchange is not running at a cost.

    RealCoin Fund
    All the fiat currencies amassed from the initial distribution of the 6 million RLC will go to the Fund which will be the base to build new businesses around the RealCoin. There will be a list of businesses, services and products and the Fund will bring all these things to life. This simply means that all fiat currency ($/€/etc.) will be thrown back into the RealCoin economy thus making it even stronger.

    These businesses, services, products etc. will be run by YOU. The best possible solution for the RealCoin to take off is for the businesses/services/products to be community driven. This simply means that you will be able to start a new business within the RealCoin network and you will be funded from the fiat currencies amassed at the exchange. It is common sense that everyone cannot be funded since the amount will be limited and also there will be strict criteria for choosing someone to be funded to start a business.

    The RealCoin Fund will be operated by a team of people who will be picked based on certain skills such as a background in economics, programming, management etc. Each one of the members of this community will be treated the same and will be given the chance to post his/her resume with a potential call for an interview to finally become a member of the Fund’s committee.

    The RealCoin community will be a fair and equal place for everyone and this means the creation of a set of rules that will be posted and be in effect at all times.

    Coin Distribution

    The pre-mined coins that will be distributed through the exchange (6,000,000 RLC) will be given at a specific rate, within a specific time frame and following certain rules. Let’s see some details:

    Time frame:
    The 6,000,000 RLC will be distributed within 30 days
    At a rate of 200,000 per day
    As previously explained, a bit more than $10,000 was invested into this project in return for 1,050,000 RLC to the investors. Doing a simple division you get an exchange rate of around $0.01 per RLC which seems as ideal for the introduction of the coin to the exchange. Therefore the first batch of 200,000 that will be exchanged through the exchange the very first day will be for a price of $0.01 per RLC.

    RealCoin’s target is to become a very strong currency and the first goal is to reach an exchange rate of $1 per RLC. By achieving this, the RLC will already have a very huge advantage over most other digital currencies as well as fiat currencies.

    You don’t need to know the mechanisms under the hood to be able to use RealCoin. It is user-friendly and very simple.
    It is a lot simpler than sending money with PayPal or any other payment gateway!

    Best thing of all?
    You can do whatever you want with your wallet’s funds without needing any confirmation from a central authority, going through a difficult process or worrying if your account will be frozen. You are in complete control of your assets and they are available to you 24/7!

    Why should someone join?

    To take advantage of all the benefits of such a project. Benefits include and are not limited to:

    · Community driven network
    · Complete control of your financial assets
    · New, strong, emerging economy
    · New, strong, emerging technology
    · Open source funding
    · Opportunities for startups and new business models
    · Your current business model available to a network of potential customers
    · More profit for your business through higher demand as well as lower/zero costs
    · Being part of a network that could change your life in many ways

    The launch date for the RealCoin is January 27th.

    If you want to change the way the internet works, help the RealCoin community grow by getting involved! It’s FREE!

    *[Statement from the Bitcoin Consultancy
    : The Bitcoin Consultancy was contracted by TheGlobber (Antonios Metaxiotis) to develop RealCoin. We highly encourage the development of competing digital currencies based on the decentralized Bitcoin platform. In the relatively short future, we envision an evolution of digital currencies competing in a rich ecosystem. As it stands now the mission of RealCoin is not to compete with Bitcoin but to eventually provide a different service more adapted to Internet Marketing. While RealCoin is not a project headed by the Bitcoin Consultancy, we plan to continue to work with RealCoin managing its technical development. Our hope is that RealCoin demonstrates an alternative application of the Bitcoin software for private business and independent communities alike.]
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    What no of daily hits are you looking for at the minimum for a website to qualify for your work?
  3. TheGlobber

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    Im not sure to tell you the truth.

    It would also depend on the content of your website/audience.

    PM me some details about what you can do and we can discuss this.

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    honestly dont understand, no offence here but whats a website with lots of hits got todo with bitcoin?
  5. TheGlobber

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    This is a prelaunch thread as the client will be released on January 27.

    Therefore this is a JV for a promotion/advertising campaign.