The future of Black Hat Seo articles and opinions?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by box0204, May 17, 2011.

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    still learning and breezing the site here. I was wondering whats the input from the more well versed black hatters on where things are going in this realm. I just started doing this stuff and it seems that for google to get smart on all of us they would some how just use the data they have from their other services like gmail or what not. but tat would be invasion of privacy obviously. Well it seems that social media is going to play a major factor in this black hat world to validate if a site is real or useful or not. basically using real people to filter out the garbage sites.

    whats your take on whats the coming trend?

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    It's hard to say because every time the algorithm changes, some things become more effective and some things become less.

    One big thing to consider is the amount of people willing to do illegal things for blackhat SEO. If you look at the pharmacy SERPs it's all hacked sites. It's pretty easy for anyone with a fair amount of skill to do this, and it costs nothing. You can beat anyone using other blackhat techniques doing this, so as more people jump on and branch out it's going to be harder to compete.