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The Forgotton Purpose of Tiered Links

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by LakeForest, Oct 12, 2013.

  1. LakeForest

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    Nov 11, 2009
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    Targeted Traffic.

    It's not just about PR. You're still obsessed with "link juice" instead of actual visitors, and this obsession gives Google entirely too much power.

    The reason for the obsession to that mental-keyword "link juice" is due to the fact that it's easier to make an algorithm do what you want, but it's more difficult to get real visitors and make them convert. I know this rings painfully true for some of you; I've read your threads and posts.

    Tier 2 links only get devalued because you're looking to earn points like PR from search engines, and aren't putting in the effort to make them portals of targeted traffic to Tier 1 and eventually to your money site. I can almost understand this when you have a cheap BST, but I guarantee you do the same low-quality Tier 2 for your own sites. Tier 2 properties and links that aren't set up poorly are seen as a social connection. It's natural, not spam. It's people talking to people. It's not a sin to make quality Tier 2.

    I've been blasting old, quickly spun content to Tier 1 & 2 on a lot of my own sites(only on my own sites, I'm not crazy), and received a whole lot of Page 1 positions 7-2 for targeted and local keywords. I'm blasting content I spun by mixing paragraphs in January...Maybe my bad spinning isn't so bad. The spun content seems to attract foreign visitors who speak in broken English; different quality of content does succeed in different regions. How could you make use of someone who is eager, but doesn't speak quality English? What can you offer them that will attract them? Think about the way people talk online, the places they talk a certain way, and apply it.

    By the way, are you targeting search engines other than Google anymore? All I hear is about Google. You hear a lot of people around the world use Google...except for the fact that a massive ton of them use Yahoo. And they still have flip phones. And more of those people are getting online every day and will take a while to expand to our modern way of internet use(please don't flame me for suggesting Google is modern. please.). Think about your parents, they use Yahoo to go to Google. Act accordingly.

    If I can tell you one thing that will make your life easier it's to put as much effort into Tier 2 as you do into Tier 1. The only disagreement is in terms of speed, but not results. Match your procedure to your business plan, be it blasting or organic.
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  2. nanavlad

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    Dec 2, 2009
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    Good advice, I was surprised ar how many many viditor i got just by having transposh
    on my main site
  3. keyser

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    Oct 10, 2008
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    Tiering is DEAD, long live Tiering. You are correct though it isn't dead just the easy way of doing it is.