The Final Word On Me (Arthas/Jaeden)

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by Arthas, Apr 2, 2009.

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    Jan 5, 2009
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    If you missed the previous thread heres whats up. I used to be known as Jaeden. A year ago I coded a product that my customers decided did not work the way they wanted it to and I set out to fix it. Not anticipating problems initially I spent my profits and was unable to honor refund requests. I was banned from the forum. The update to my software was too late. It was my fault it all went bad and I'm sorry.

    I recently rejoined the forum and started contributing a lot. I created methods and the Ham software brand so many have grown to love. I also started BHW Radio.

    I am now offering compensation to all of the clickbanger customers, and with the help of cyp and harro have layed out a plan to reimburse them that I am going to stick to.

    After talking to Harro for quite some time over the phone it was suggested that I make this post. Here is what is going to happen...

    1) I'm not to be banned.

    2) Clickbanger customers will be paid on a regular weekly schedule starting this week.

    3) Ham will continue on it's course.

    4) BHW Radio will continue on it's course under the supervision of Harro and BHW staff.

    These decisions are final and not debatable.

    CB users: if i don't have your paypal you need to msg me with it. I will be sending out a PM to you all requesting this. I will be sorting through the old pp logs tonight and hooking up your Ham accounts tomorrow morning.
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