The Final Nail in the USA Economy!

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    If this doesn't prove that times are reeeeally bad, then I don't know what does! :yield:

    Alfred E. Neuman Death Watch

    Due to falling sales and a worsening economy, venerable humor mag Mad is giving up its monthly schedule to come out quarterly.

    The magazine, which began as a comic book in 1952 and shifted to magazine size with issue #24, sold 2 million copies at its peak. Current figures are roughly one-tenth that.

    The mag's companion titles, Mad Kids an Mad Classics are being canned altogether.

    The change comes in April, with the 500th issue and the price will go to $5.99 -- up a buck.

    Insiders tell that as soon as parent TimeWarner can figure out how to make the title work online, the print edition will probably cease altogether. worried.