The Elephant in the room... how much to charge

Discussion in 'Offline Marketing' started by IamBob, Mar 29, 2012.

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    I'm going to start focusing on my offline business. The big problem I have is I don't know how much I should charge. Right now I have Senuke X, Scrapebox, a keyword tool finder, a rank checker, and a Video Marketing Program. I'll have Xrumer in the next couple of days.

    I'm thinking $500 for 4 keywords. That will include me coming to their office and doing one video a month, and a page on my website where people can leave comments. Offer a bad comment, get sent to a e-mail form, offer a good comment, get forwarded to Google Places, Yelp, Etc.

    I'll use the video to post on multiple video sites, then use my programs to build links to those sites.

    Am I missing anything? Am I charging too much, too little? Any thoughts?
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    I am not sure exactly what you will be doing...

    Are you saying you will be doing :

    1.Create and host a Review funnel page
    2. video per month2.
    3. Post videos to different places
    4. 4 keywords????

    You kind of tossed out several tools there in the opening statement. Do you know how to use them or are you learning them? What are you directing the 4 keywords too? Their business website? video?.....

    If you are real clear cut on the above then I would think that $500 would be the low end of my price range.

    A couple of key points in the pricing game to keep in mind:
    1. Since this is posted in the OffLine what industry is it?
    2. What does the competition look like? For you and them.
    3. Don't ever low ball a price just to snag a quick sale. Start big and work your way down if need be or add additional services.
    4. Value your time and information. The work my seem easy but you are the one that knows how to do it.

    "Company spends weeks looking at a problem with a piece of equipment. Finally they call a guy in to fix it. The guy says that it will cost them $50,010 to fix the issue. The company stunned by the price had no choice but to pay him. The guy walks over to the equipment and puts an white x on a part. He says replace that piece and that will fix it.
    The company very upset at his price wants to really know what the paid for. The guy tells them: $10 for the x and $50,000 to know what to put the x."

    So you see even though a job maybe simple they are paying for what you know.
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    bhspiderz, I like the story you put in at the end there. Lol, so fricken true.

    I just branched out on my own recently from an agency and am setting up my service fees. I definitely am not undervaluing what I bring to the table but still want to be competitive. I am considering a few "package deals" for services to target to local mom and pop type stores.
    I am also contemplating how to price phone consultations and such. Typical consultant operating procedures etc.
    IamBob -good luck, I will keep an eye on this, and if I come up with anything that I think may help, I will post it.
    Get in touch, due some research on companies/consultants in your area to get a idea. Not sure to what extent your skills are. I feel that I price myself fairly moderately. I actually may be a little low even. I dont know it all, but I know/understand enough that I KNOW I am giving and providing solid info and services. So I feel comfortable with what I charge.
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    helping people
    Ask around in your place and find companies doing more less the same job. Make a request to get from them same service as you want to sell, ask about price and then cancel.
    Get a few and make up your mind.