The eBay gods are bipolar today...

Discussion in 'Ebay' started by PoisonAce, Nov 12, 2015.

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    So I was forced to open a new Paypal, had to return 3 transactions and lost a little bit of profit opportunity. I was forced to refund the transactions because Paypal had put a limitation on my completely legit account. Why because i made it when i was 12 and either had the wrong birthday and they found out, or the right one, which i highly doubt. With that being said our original contract was voided. It took them 12 years to do anything, maybe because I started trading at a high volume just recently. <br>So when i have my new account verified on my perfect and non holding ebay account. Ill be good to continue drop shipping with out money holds right???   OH And in terms of the good part (in bi polar) I got some good luck because my last auction for the day is 100 over trending price. =). Please tell me i wont have money hold on the new Paypal !!!!! I believe it just needs to be verified righT? and the ebay portion is the important part, 25 sales 250 dollars and 90 days since your first sale... which i overachieve.<br><br>Thanks for you time.
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    As long as you meet the 25 sales / $250 over 90 days from the 1st sold item, you shouldn't have a 21 day hold
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    You just linked your eBay to a new PayPal that does not have any selling history. You will have holds