the demise of web developers and designers?

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by Corydoras007, Apr 15, 2013.

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    Was thinking of going into the web dev and designing business but I feel like as if it is extremely tough to go against website builders such as jimdo and wix.

    I heard of a wordpress web developer shutting down her business because of such services and that a trend is seeing more and more users using easy to use website building services.

    I wonder what other people think about this?

    I really feel like jimdo poses a real threat against freelancers and it would be really challenging to even make a decent amount of cash with web development, which I think is cool.
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    Interesting thread here Cory,

    I'm not familiar with the services you mentioned but I have seen others that allow users to build websites on their own. Whether we are talking about websites or do-it-yourself videos on fixing your own car, I think concepts like these pose little thread to web developers. Yes people will use them and yes it is another form of competition but it also depends on who a developer's target market is and how much value a developer can build for their services. Some people may build a website on their own and find the features that are provided by a turn-key service more than adequate for their needs. Others will find it lacking or they may not have the time or expertise to make something that helps them accomplish their goals.

    Web developers can build value in their services by highlighting the results people can get. They may mention professional design and programming, opportunity costs of the business owner, and the ability to accomplish their goals. So I think web based services that offer easy website setup will win some segment of the market but I don't think they will eliminate the need for professional developers.

    SEO's and web marketers are starting to compete with this as well,


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    Go for a different niche then, there is a huge demand for high end sites, that have extended functionality beyond what these services offer. Make a case study of those, and see what you find.
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