The Day the Earth Stood


Nov 13, 2008
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i have The Day the Earth Stood and .org how can i use these domain names. using blackhat metods pls.

i accept all partnerships
if i put adsense codes. do i have any problem with copyrighting or adsense ?
Make a poll at the bottom saying something like
"Did you like this film?"
Answer and get a free IPOD or something (then direct to CPA offer)

Have some content about the film, youtube trailer or something.

Or have it a page of spoilers, or goof, or just a page about the film with a poll

Use Digg, Youtube, SEO, Bookmarks to get traffic is NOT suggest to put your adsense code....there is a high risk of getting ban if the BIG G check your website.... copyright issues..
Unfortunately, you probably could have gotten more mileage out of them before the movie launched. Its going to be tricky because your window for big bucks for these domains is closing rapidly. What I would do is crab phpbay lite, which is a free wordpress plugin. And I would just turn it into a movie merchandise site.

Sell anything that is related to the movie and use that site to help launch future products. Now at the same time, I would keep my ears open to see if there will be a sequel. Probably not, but they did make Superman 4 and Rocky 5, so you never know.

Anyway the key to domains like this, and seasonal domains, is you have to start working it as early as possible.

Or you could try selling the domain on DP.

***Disclaimer*** I reserve the right to be wrong and be corrected by someone more knowledgeable than myself.
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