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The CYA thread...

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by amnesia623, Apr 8, 2009.

  1. amnesia623

    amnesia623 Newbie

    Dec 7, 2008
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    So I just got done reading and replying to a thread about someone who's hosting account got shut down because of alleged copyright violations. While I do feel for the guy, I can't help to think about the other people this has happened to and why people don't learn from others' mistakes.

    I'm not experienced as most here at making online money, either legit(wh) or shady(bh), but I do know that from the start I must cover my ass so that when I do start making decent cash I won't have to worry about being shut down because I signed up with a pussy host/registrar.

    If you're going to put time and work into this, at least get some assurance that you're not going to be shut down by your host/registrar. Even a day shut down can mess up your rankings, sales, etc... All it takes is a mailed letter or email from a lawyer to (godaddy/hostgator) your US based registrar/host and they will shut you down. The big names will shut you down first, ask questions later. In fact, I was often contemplating making up a fake law firm and sending out DMCA complaints to competitor hosts to get them shut down. Not nice, I know. I just goes to show how much these services ARE NOT on your side...

    First, let me get this off my chest:

    Godaddy is a great registrar for legit sites but they are the worst for folding under pressure of a DMCA complaint. Even their 'domains by proxy' isn't good because all it takes is a written letter and your domain info is exposed. There is no real privacy, just faux whois information.

    Hostgator is a decent host, but their whole operation is based on a lie. Offering unlimited disk space is crap, there is no such thing. I invite you to go out and locate a disk with unlimited space. There isn't any, this is fraud. Plus they have restrictions on the number of files you can have in your account directory. If there are too many they won't back your stuff up. Pussy host i tell you.

    Once again I am no expert, but here are the things I suggest when doing shady stuff that might get you shut down...

    1 - HOST OFFSHORE! There are great hosts that aren't US based. Look for hosts that have servers in the Netherlands, ASIA, or Iran. I've also heard Panama is good too... The EU is not safe. If your host has offices in the US, it is not safe from search and seizure of YOUR financial records...

    2 - PREPAID VISA Use a prepaid card to purchase online. This includes tools that offend terms-of-use agreements (like auto posting craigslist tools). I have read where CL might be able to get the database of the people who purchased the offending product. Who knows what CL would do, but you don't want your name associated. This could not be just Craigslist, but any other site too...

    3 - OFFSHORE REGISTRAR - Hosting and domains are just as important as each other. Getting an offshore host but US based domain names defeats the purpose. I know of great offshore registrars that even offer free domain name privacy.

    4 - USE DIFFERENT FORUM NAMES: I am a victim of this and it only recently occurred to me, but use different screen names for the different forums you use. OR use different screen names for the different types of forums you use. You don't want someone to be able to type in your screen name into google and see that you're into black hat, warez, and hosting a porn site especially when your using your screen name for something like a job website. It just helps you cover your ass.

    5 - KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT! - I've seen all over the net where people openly admit to doing illegal stuff. This is like the kids who spray paint a cop car and then post it on youtube....

    I'm sure there's a shit ton of info I'm forgetting or looking over. But if you use these basic things, you chance of getting shut down is minimal.
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  2. The Scarlet Pimp

    The Scarlet Pimp Senior Member

    Apr 2, 2008
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    Chair moistener.
    good advice, especially about the registrar.
  3. Sippy79

    Sippy79 Junior Member

    Feb 13, 2009
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    Some good advices here, thanks for sharing this :)