The BlogSlammer Blog Farm Co-Op Is Now Online - Free To Join

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    Jun 9, 2008
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    I am proud to introduce a blog farm co-op that allows you to create blogs on unique IP's and geo-locations. Basically, you need a Wordpress MU blog indexed in google and on a dedicated IP to join.

    Once you join, you will have the ability to create blog accounts on every blog host in the network. What this does is give you a place to post your links/content accross the internet on unique IP's and geolocations.

    You do not have to be a BlogSlammer! owner to participate. When you register for blog accounts, you will recieve the username/password/blog url for each blog so that you can post to them however you see fit. We do request you keep the posts clean as many of these blogs will be hosted on plans that do not allow Adult content. And definately NO ILLEGAL content will be allowed.

    As an incentive, I will be putting a trial version of MU BlogCreator on this co-op for you to be able to autocreate 1000's of blogs on YOUR MU site.

    What do you need to join:

    • An Indexed Wordpress MU Site (Subdomain Based)
    • A domain on a dedicated IP address
    • Agree to allow blogs to be created

    To Join, go to