The biggest concern about BITCOINS...

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    Now that Bitcoins have become (slightly) less voltatile in their market price/trading activity, many of you are now concerned with the matter of turning those BC's into cold, hard cash. Many exchanges already offer these services but with high fees, long turnaround times and you will never get the true value of your BitCoins in cash from these sites.

    I'm currently offering people who have over 5 BitCoins (approx value at present $630) the opportunity to convert your coins into cash for the money they are ACTUALLY worth. I am looking to purchase a total of around $10k worth of bit coins at on or around market value, and can offer you cash in hand for them.

    Please reply with serious offers only, thanks.
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    LOL slightly misleading title there buddy... a few other problems with your post too... I think someone needs to read the rules!