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    "It takes just as much work to make work to make a dishonest buck as an honest one" - Lucky Luciano

    What make use choose black hat methods as your main mechanism of income production? You're laboring under these significant disadvantages:

    - You need to constantly reinvent your method of income. While black hat methods work, they all seem to be short term. You're in a ever present cat-and-mouse game, from those who end up on the short end of your black hat dealings, who eventually wise up.

    - You have the regular worries of being caught, with all of the possible sticky legal percussions (and costs) from it.

    - Uneven income flow, and it's not like Black Hat methods come with health insurance and 401Ks.

    - There's no labor savings. You're working just as hard with black hat methods to make money, and you would to make money developing white hat ideas.

    So, what's the practical advantages of earning your money via black hat instead of white hat?
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    You could write for hours on this issue but I will keep it short. First off, I have never heard that quote from Lucky but I think he made a bit more money in a work week than he would of as a labourer.

    Stepping out of the Internet Marketing world, every major corporation and businessman has got where they are by choosing to bend certain rules as far as they could go and breaking the ones that made the most financial sense to do so. Meaning, watch the news and see how many corporations get a $100k fine but make $2million in profit.

    So my belief is that you bend every rule you can and choose which ones you want to break to reach your goals. A lot of people have white hat sites that get steady income each day and invest in BH techniques to make quick money. You just have to figure out what would keep you awake at night with worry and then do all you can to not cross that line. I hope that helps.
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    timmbbo is somewhat right, i believe the best way is to combine blackhat techniques to supplement and boost your whitehat activities. Doing blackhat activities by themselves and trying to make a full time income is really stupid, but using a combination of BH e.g. using blackhat techniques on sites connected to your money site (so your money site doesn't go down the shit hole if anything happens) ,etc. Is a good approach to take.