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    Alright, so I would pretend I know fair enough about IM, SEO and backlinking. But somehow I struggle to get the entire, big picture of it all.

    It's not like I do not earn anything. I am into this since 2009 and I made a few hundred bucks over time, with CPA (movie streaming site, not a sustainable long-term business to be into), adsense (MFA/micro-niche sites with EMD) and selling services (profile backlinks).

    Yet I am far away from being able to run it as a business and/or make a living from it, which is my ultimate goal (in other words: quit my 9-5 sysadmin day job)

    So I am confident about my keyword research methods. I struggled with this at the beginning and selected keywords, worked hard to rank them, only to find out there is no traffic.

    On-site SEO and content are no show stoppers for me.

    Remains: Backlinks. And I think this is where I struggle.

    I know you should have them and which. (Quantity, IP/domain diversity, anchor text diversity, ..)
    I know the difference in quality of backlinks. (Trust of the domain, age of the domain, number of existing outbound links, placement of the link, ..)
    I know you should build Tiers of links supporting each other. Good/quality links go to your money site, spammy ones to your Tier 1 links.
    I own Scrapebox and Sick Submitter.

    I ranked diverse sites with blog spam only.
    I ranked diverse with profile spam only.

    Methods I know how to apply & exploit:

    Blog Comment (SB Blasts & Manual)
    Web 2 properties (Senuke, RankBuilder and manual labour)
    Forum Profiles
    Social Bookmarks
    RSS Feeds
    Wordpress MU (LFE style)
    Blog Networks (FreeTrafficSystem and ArticleRanks)

    BUT, I am beginning to wonder if successful people use the same methods above or are there any other methods you NEED to use for real, sustainable success.
    I am starting to think that successful SEOs use private (or at least other, stronger) blog networks for quality in-text backlinks.
    I am also suspecting that advanced SEO buy aged/trusted domains with high PR and use them to build their new sites on them or leverage their link juice with redirects, or even use them to build satellite sites used as Tier 1 backlinks.

    Another thing I wonder about is if there is anyone out there, managing half a dozen really successful sites on their own (content, on-site seo, off-site seo), making a really nice living which is worth enough to leave your day job.

    If yes, how do you manage the projects? How do you manage your backlinking campaigns?

    I hope that you get my point while reading this. I do not ask to be spoon fed. I am committed to put in whatever effort it takes to get this to work. As described above, I would say I know my stuff. Yet there is things I miss, obviously, which keep me from being successful. I would love some buddy to give me hints. If you need more precise details, just ask. I'll either reveal them in the thread or PM them to you.