The BHW Daycare = Babysitter MODS

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    Apr 9, 2008
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    It has come to the attention to me and a few others that BHW is turning into a day care facility . Mods having to get in the mix of retarded spats . Wasteing there time .

    Are you aware that few minutes you wasted a mod could have been halfway to a breakthrough of the next big method . But no you wasted his time and now the next big method will never come to play .

    Ok maybe that example was not a good one but you still get the idea . These people are not payed to do the job they do! Would you like to do there job ? I should hope the answer would be no .

    So let us show just a little bit of consideration and do some conflict resolution .

    If you are scammed these are the steps to take .

    Contact the person . Talk to them (yes I know this does not always work but hey sometimes it does)

    Did you pay the person ? If so start a dispute . Does not mean that you have to file a chargeback this is just an attention getting tactic . Trust me once you file a PP dispute alot of times they will start talking .

    There is a number of ways to handle the situation before coming out in the open and getting mods involved . (these 2 are the only way I can think of off hand)

    Now another thing that has come to my attention is that once shit does hit the fan that the guilty party will be sent to a BABY section to post for a number of days where people can go there and publicly humiliate them .... Ohh I owe credit to that idea to a friend .

    OR just have me on you like sheet on a rye . Everytime you post just have me right there right behind ya calling you the most god awful things and making you wanna quit the forum . That is another option as well .

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