The Best Ways To Exploit This Method!

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by AeroDynam, Jun 12, 2017.

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    Nov 4, 2014
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    Good evening everyone.

    After quite some years of studying this forum i have decided to work on a method which has been mentioned many times here,uploading porn and sending them to my affiliate link. But am i too late? Over the past 4 days i have made only $11. Ok im not greedy and i would be happy making $50 a month. But $50 is the minimum payout for my affiliate link.

    HOWEVER which is th best way to exploit this?
    My Issues!

    1: I have uploaded adult videos to adult websites, however my software allows me to upload to only a few sites. And these usually get taken down or have limited views e.g. less than 10. i upload around 20 or so videos to a few sites..

    2: I was looking at buying impressions from ero-advertising but there is an issue with the payment my end so i have to wait for a 60 dollar refund.

    So what are your methods. Do you buy traffic in the hope of leads or sales? How would you exploit this and send lots of traffic to your sites or what uploading software do you use?
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    20 videos and made $11 in 4 days is pretty good. I read the big porn reupload thread and most seemed to upload thousands of videos to get a few dollars.
    Your big obstacle seems to be the limited videos. Finding out how to overcome that cock block should be top priority. I've heard some ppl send cheap clicks to get it trending, or abuse the "like" feature. Someone shared a way to exploit it on xvideos.
    Other than that, keep uploading videos. Get tools to upload on all the other big tube sites your current tool can't. 20 vids is a drop in the bucket compared to those guys uploading hundreds per day.