The best way to maintain one time use number ?


Jun 13, 2023
I will buy 10 one time use number to create WhatsApp and Telegram accounts
What is the best way to maintain the accounts and not lose them, because I am afraid that I will transfer them several times from the phone to the laptop, for example and risk losing them because they are accounts with one time ise numbers, as you know.
Is there a program or something similar to keep accounts?
Idk if this will help you but if you use 2nd phone number (android app) you will have a number that will remain forever if you keep using it by texting for example and you can connect it to WhatsApp too, for free.. if youre based in the US. But other than that if it's a one time used number you will technically get into problems if you ever have to for example change your phone as it won't stay permanently even if you do a backup...
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