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    I was reading a pdf I found here (8 problems- Jason Fladlien) and would like to chat about this model

    "Here's my business model: Create at least one new product a month. Advertise cheaply on certain websites, and with video and article marketing. Push my affiliate program on the back end, and cross-sell my products. Repeat process with each new launch."

    Now we all understand what it is talking about. But what I was wanting to get some feedback on is basically some simple (but not bullcrap) techniques where he speaks of video marketing.

    Article marketing we all know about and how to simply write articles and place the link in the authors bio.

    But the main things that are good here that I want to learn more about (really learn about from experience here, not some reincarnated experience from a book) is the video marketing, techniques for pushing affiliates on the back end, and getting the word out so to speak.

    Personally I use article bot to publish articles. I just signed up with the major article directories and then I use that to submit the same article. For anyone who does not know, it is a painstaking process to sign up with every place in the world, then answer all the emails so that your email is activated or whatever. But after that it is so simple as loading the article and pressing go basically.

    Some have the ability to outsource this and guess what? that is the way to go....after you have money to dump into a VA.

    As far as affiliates being pushed on the back end, it would be wise to push cb or other products that are similar correct? But really what is a great technique that works time and again to actually get them to buy? Sales letter? Info and a link? That is where I am going with this.

    I have zero experience with video marketing. I do know how to create a video and so on, anyone can learn about using cam studio and expressing how great something is. But where to market? Where are the most effective places to place videos and how to get people to watch them, that is the key.

    Cross selling products of ones own is really a good strategy, but again the key here is what is effective in producing the sale? The sales letter? The product itself and relevance to the original product created?

    I know many people do not like to share based on the fact that keeping secrets keeps money also, but this is a helping hand forum, not a competition forum. LOL.