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    Deep Dive into a Penguin 2.0 Victim

    • Penguin 2.0 hit not such a surprise?
    • Unnatural Link Warning and drop since February
    • Quick Domain Compare for a first impression
    • Too much Power?
    • Too many Site Wides??
    • Quick Diving deeper in the their links
    • Hard Money Anchor Texts?
    • Some paid blog posts
    • A Quick Competitive Landscape Analysis with CLA
    • Lots of redirects
    • Link Detox to manage link risk for your own and redirecting domains
    • Conclusion of this deep dive
    • What?s next?
    Penguin 2.0 Losers

    Porn Sites, Game Sites, & Big Brands Like & The Salvation Army
    Google Penguin 2013: How to Evolve Link Building into Real SEO

    • Sorting out Panda, Penguin, and Manual Actions
    • Is SEO Enough?
    • Long Live Online Marketing
    • Real SEO
    • Conclusions
    7 Steps to SEO at Scale: How to Ramp Up Your Search Engine Optimization Strategy

    • Get Your Ducks in a Row
    • Make Your Business Case
    • Have Resources at the Ready
    • Plan a Multi-Faceted Approach
    • Get Back to Basics and Best Practices
    • Plan to Succeed and Avoid Playing Catch-up
    • Understand Your Customer Journey and Invest in CRO
    How Google Ruined Marketing

    • Google created zero-sum marketing
    • Google pulls our attention away from our audience
    • We?re putting all our eggs in one (key phrase) basket
    • Google (unwittingly) encourages cheating
    • How do we really fix it?
    5 myths about manual penalty recovery

    • Remove all of the links that are obviously paid for
    • Remove all low authority links
    • All brand anchor text links are fine
    • Just run an automated tool to do it
    Decoding Google?s Referral String (or, how I surviVED Secure Search)

    • Setting up Google Analytics filters
    • Step 1: Set up a Google Analytics Profile filter
    • Step 2: Set up Advanced Segments
    Do it or Die: 7 Core Inclusions In Your SEO Efforts You Cannot Do Without

    • Take Stock of the New Basics
    • SEO Can?t Work in a Silo
    • Link Building Has a New Meaning
    • Developing Content Like Publishers Should
    • Put ?You? In your Content
    • Social Signals are catching up: Where are you?
    • Get to the Press
    10 Unique Ways Small Businesses Can Win at Link Earning (Part II of II)

    • Turn Blog Posts into eBooks and Get them in Amazon
    • Viral Titles
    • Guerilla Marketing
    • Appeal to an Untapped Subculture
    • Cash in on Nostalgia
    How Traditional Guest Blogging Practices Will Change After Next Major Penguin Update

    • Devaluation of Websites
    • Devaluation of Back Links
    • The Rise of Co-occurrence As a Ranking Factor
    • Author Rank
    • Social Media Signals
    • In Summary
    Google+ in the SERPs Increasing; Authorship Adoption High [Data]

    • Almost 90% of Tech Writers Now Have a Google+ Account
    • 3 out of 4 Authors with Google+ Accounts Have Established Authorship
    • Claim Your Authorship and Share Content on Google+
    7 Ways to Find What Your Target Audience Wants and Create Epic Content

    • Competitors? forums
    • Comments
    • Surveys (online and offline
    • Keyword research ? Trends, Related & AdWords tools
    • The social networks
    • Twitter
    • Facebook & Google+ pages
    • Product forums, a.k.a. support
    • eCommerce
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    Good Post..! Keep on posting this type of valuable posts.....
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    Some of the articles are a must read at the moment.