The best netlinking for a new business site ?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by yvann94, Jan 7, 2010.

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    I launched a new site one month ago and it has only a few backlinks : 30-40 from bookmarking, 1-2 from blogs and 1 from a PR4 site (but unrelated)...

    It is a total WHITEHAT site.

    I've read some ebooks given in the download section, I've seen that I should create my site in order to make him a link magnet, however it's a business site and I don't think someone will link to my site unless I do something for him...:p

    So here is what I have planned to do :

    (1) submission to the top 40-50 directories (DMOZ...)
    Question : Should I also submit to other directories or is it useless ?

    (2) submission of 10-15 press releases each month
    Question : Is it useful ?

    (3) creation of linkwheels
    Question : Is that good for the (long-term) rankings of a whitehat site ? How many should I create ?

    (4) contact of bloggers to create diverse articles (not an advertisement for my site) for them on their blog = they have new articles - I insert backlinks in the article
    Question : If you have ever tried this, can you tell my your experience ?

    Another question : Apart from these, are there other ways to have a better rank ?

    Sorry for my bad English and thanks for your answers. :)