The best free mailing list and registration PHP scripts?

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    Hi there. I hope this is the right forum for this; it's not strictly SEO, but it is related. My site is a product guide for a niche, I guide people to suitable products through my affiliate links. I want people to be able to log in and save products to a watchlist within my site. I'm looking for a "bare-bones", as in, completely customizable PHP script that I can use to do this. Does anybody have any suggestions? Also what would you recommend in free mailing-list software, again, simple and easily customizable. I'm new to all of this so sorry for the "noob" questions, it's just there's a lot of these types of scripts available and not all of them are good. Also a secure form to email script would be nice... Thank you! If you have had any experience with these type of free scripts please post here.
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    I think this would be the wrong place to put this, as it is more of a ' download request ' more than anything else, at least a script request, to be more specific.

    As for what you are looking for, there are good scripts out there. With the concept of monitoring product wishlists within your site, do a google search for free shopping cart scripts and you will find countless options that handle that for you. They all have ' wish lists ' features as standard practice these days and will keep track of anything you offer.
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    well does this exist?