The Best Classified and Directory scripts

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by Ultraburner, Jan 6, 2011.

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    Has anyone out there had any experience of running their own classifieds or directory site(s)?

    If so what are the best scripts/programs/software?

    Im very interested in a directory script that will allow me to give posting rights to administrators.

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    I have actually been looking into this myself and want to turn my old site into a classified post site. Unless you have a niche I would recommend not bothering to do a classified site.. But here are some I have looked at that I think are good. (note: even after looking at 50 or so scripts I realize nothing does what I want, but if your flexible unlike myself there are a lot of good choices.

    68 Classified:[/U] I have tried this out a bit seems to be very solid and has a busy forum community so id expect this to run fairly well and be reliable. $149 or free depending on your source. I am to lazy to read the bh rules so I won't post links to free versions here. Took me 5 minutes to install this script and was very simple.

    Ikiclassifieds:[/U] This is one of the best looking scripts out of the box and has some neat settings to make to change colors of your site quickly. If I had to choose one and had no money to modify a script iki would probably be my choice. I don't see a lot of info on the makers or how well they support this product but my presale questions were answered quickly. Although I am a bit worried about this being reliable its probably the script I'm going to buy and have customized in the next few weeks.. The admin area is also very simple. Price: $199 or multi city version at $290 or free if you have a source, although I couldn't find the latest version for free. If this operates without bugs its definitely worth the money.

    geodesic:[/U] This seems to be one of the most comprehensive scripts with a 1000 features and many optional plugins. I feel it's a bit to much and don't intend to buy this, the $559 price tag is not really why I don't like this, its that it just plain does to much and has to many settings. I would take the time but when you get that much functionality out of a script that is basically made to post simple classified ads I would think problems will arise. So basically I didn't want to spend the time testing this script because I know even if I learned all the admin settings I would not buy this because there are to many features for me..

    Xzeroclassifieds: This script has been around for years with plenty of past customers giving testimonials at their site. The forum is active (although you have to buy the script before being able to access it) and they seem to have a lot of happy customers. I might buy this to test because its only $79 bucks. But the way it looks does not fit my tastes but for some it would probably be fine. I have read its very difficult to modify this script and I definitely need modifications to my site so I'll have to test it out and see how hard it truly is to modify. I would probably go with this script 2nd to ikiclassifieds if I didn't want modification.

    There are probably 200 or so good or decent classified scripts around so im definitely not saying these are the best. I just think out of the 50 I looked at these are the ones with features or price that are similar to what I need.

    Good luck.
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    You can never guess!