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    A couple of weeks ago, this guy came up to me and was upset because his girlfriend left him for the father of her other kids. He didn't say too much, just moped a little, and then left. Well tonight I seen him again, but this time he was happy. He said that she was unhappy, and wanted him back, but he didn't know what to do. The vindictive side of me wanted to tell him to let her suffer, but as a christian, I have to try to set a better example than that, so here is what I said to him: "The best advice you can take, is the advice you would give". Too many times, I have seen people think they are doing the right thing, because their brain is telling them it is right, but then they end up let down. The reason is because they listened to their brain instead of their heart. Over the course of a persons life, the brain can be manipulated to think the way that society wants it to think, and react to situations in a predetermined matter, but the heart will always be the same. If you need advice, the best thing to do is open your heart, and ask yourself "what advice would I give someone else?" And that is the best advice you can take.

    I'm off to bed now, just thought I would share that little bit of wisdom :)
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