The basics of creating a Twitter account that converts

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    Ok, so this is a pretty basic breakdown of how to create your account from scratch and attract followers that will convert within the first few days of having your profile.

    1) Account Specifics
    Have an account picture. I usually find the re-follow rate better on female user pictures than male.

    In the description I usually use two keywords related to my niche and one outlier. The outlier being "pro bowler, carpal tunnel expert" something with a bit of humor.

    2) Personality
    Give your account personality. This includes posting links, but NOT spamming.
    What we're trying to do is convince that your account is a real person.

    Google Reader is key. Follow sites in your niche and skim through to find articles that are interesting.
    After you find a few interesting sites there is also a "Find Other Sites Like This" feature next to each feed.

    Link to them in your feed with a rehash of their headline and the site's Twitter handle (I find that often times some smaller sites actually retweet thanking for the follow).

    Furthermore, DON'T shorten the links to the content articles you're posting. That way people know "person X posts real content from real sources" and will add legitimacy to your shortened affiliate links (if that's what you're trying to promote).

    There are a lot of autoposting tools out there. A little work aggregating and your profile can be set to post your custom tweets for a week or so.

    3) Blast Targeted Refollowers
    There are a ton of follow / unfollow tools out there that you can use for this.
    TweetAttacks is free for the basics if you're first starting out.

    I usually follow 100-150 users a day. Leave them for 3 days and then unfollow if they haven't followed me.
    After I have a substantial amount of followers I'll increase to 300-500 and so on.

    Always unfollow. Try to keep the ratios as close as possible.

    Look at the niche of your CPA or money site.
    Find users who tend to have similar interests of your offer and follow / unfollow them.
    (Ex. an accounting firm, banks, mortgage brokers, if you're doing financial CPA's)

    4) Interaction
    One of the largest problems with Twitter marketing is that it doesn't seem like your advertising account is interacting, it seems like it's just broadcasting or shouting.

    To combat that we're already thanking article authors for their help in Step 2.

    I also recommend trying to search for terms like "anyone know" and "how do I" in the search bar.
    Often times your search query can help you find people to talk to.

    Your followers won't know that you're not actually talking to other followers - once they see you interacting though they will feel more open to asking you question and engaging your brand = more conversions.

    My own method is usuallly two-three affiliate links in the morning and night (timezones - make sure not to oversaturate on cloaked affiliates though), two auto-sched'ed quality posts throughout the day, and one or two interaction a day + retweet or responses.

    It usually takes me about 10-15 minutes per day per account.
    Profits vary depending on what you're promoting. I personally sell my own services using this system though so profit per conversion is substantially higher.

    This guide's pretty basic, I know.
    It's pretty much the best alternative to set it up, BLAST, that I know though.

    If anyone has anything else they want to throw in the mix feel free to toss it in below.
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    Well these are really great tips. Especially the first one. It is damm true that retweet ratio is far more better when you have display image as girl.