the Azeri Govt to buy FIFA Coins

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    What are the effects for this kind of worldwide publicity? As one of Azerbaijan?s few staying individual privileges activists (who talked on situation of anonymity) put it: ?The Western Activities are a significant PR effort by the Azeri Govt to buy FIFA Coins put picture over fact. The fact is that individual thoughts in our nation are passing away.?

    Azerbaijan?s government spent over $8bn of its oil prosperity in the Western Activities, a sports occasion that is possessed and is being run by the Western Olympic Panel. Organized three decades ago, when oil costs were great, the games originally seemed like an cost-effective investment that could improve the country?s information. Today, however, they have progressively showed up to be an expensive boondoggle for an financial system that can ill manage it. Since last July, oil costs have dropped by 43%, massive Azerbaijan?s financial system and resulting in a latest 34% decrease in the value of its forex.

    This isn?t to say that all areas of the Azeri financial system are hurting: many companies are still making a lot of money from growth. But even this sparkle of financial health comes at a extreme price: Azerbaijan?s facilities tasks were partly financed by a Western Activities tax on all group workers.
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    Didn't understand what are you trying to say? Are you disagree with the government policies of Azerbaijan regarding investment in FIFA through the oil income ?? You should provide a clear opinion of yours in your posts.