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The Awful Mistake Most Beginners Make in Affiliate Marketing

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by Happy living, Apr 23, 2015.

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    Apr 2, 2015
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    One of the worst mistake most new to affiliate marketing, or any online business for the matter, make is choosing the wrong niche to compete in. You may have come across affiliate marketing when you are looking up on ways making money online witout a product, and purchase an eBook on Internet Marketing.

    Turns out that the eBook is an affiliate product itself, and most of internet marketing techniques are explained by promoting the eBook itself as an example. After reading through, you come away impressed, and decide to follow the example and market the eBook as an affiliate marketer yourself.

    Bad idea! The Internet Marketing niche has been heavily saturated, and you will be cutting your chances of success. Google turns up 488 MILLION sites on internet marketing. What chance do you have against the heavy weights in this industry?

    That's why deciding on a niche is often the first make or break point of your business online. Here are the reasons why you should find a tight niche market to compete in.

    Easier to compete

    As I have said in above, competing with less than 400 thousand websites is definitely MUCH easier than to compete with more 400 MILLION websites. You have understand that opening a small grocery store next to Walmart is suicidal.

    Find something which most websites on the Internet do not offer. When you do find something different, a niche, to sell, your website will definitely shine out brighter to those who are looking for what you are offering.

    Easier to learn and recognized as an expert

    Which scenario is better; shouting to get attention in the middle of a quiet night or in the middle of a rock concert?

    Search the web for information. Visit forums where your prospective customers congregate and observe. Hunt down the experts and talk with them. Buy or borrow books on them.

    All the research that is necessary to be knowledgeable in any field. However, it's certainly much easier to become an expert in a niche area with fewer key players around. You may not be the best, but your prospects in the niche with fewer experts around will come to recognize you as one of them.

    Easier to focus your marketing on

    Once you have identified your target audience and understand their language, it's much easier to produce effective promotional ads which focus solely on them, instead of having to produce one trying to get its message across to different groups of people.

    If you try to reach out and promote to different groups of people simultaneously, chances are you will leave your prospects wondering what you are trying to say. It's like mixing Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French and German together in this article and getting you to understand what I'm talking about.


    Finding the ideal niche is critical to ensure the first step success for any of your online businesses.

    However, finding the ideal niche is not everything. You must proceed to learn which internet marketing technique you want to concentrate on, how to create great content for your information hungry visitors, how to build and design easy to navigate websites...It will be wise for you to find out more.

    Building a successful online business is like a jig-saw puzzle. All the pieces must fit, and finding the correct niche is just one of the first few. Learn as much as you can, and before long you will have all the right pieces fall into place.

    Article Author: Thien Kai Wei

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