The Art of the Hustle - Stop Wasting Time

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    I rarely post in this forum and I feel kind of guilty because I've learned a lot from here. I by no means making $x,xxx a day like other fellows, but I do have some advice for those who are starting out. I've wasted years because of this and I'm sure this can save you years as well.

    The first thing is find a couple of methods and business models and try them. For example, I started with no money but I knew SEO and PPC, so I started cold calling business owners, I got my first clients that way.

    Somehow I knew I could scale up by doing more cold calls, but to be honest I hated making cold calls, so I try other things. Some work and some didn't.

    The thing is, sooner or later when you throw things at the wall you are going to find things that work. For me as an example was cold calling, but I got lazy about it.

    The point of this thread is yes there are things that can make you $x,xxx+ a day like CPA arbitrage with media buys, however when you are starting out hustling for that first capital you need to focus on those little things that work out for you and scale it up.

    Then and only then you'll have the income to play with the big players.

    So stop wasting time and hustle, hustle hard... that would save you at least 4 or 5 years, I hope.

    Stop reading and start doing, hustle and scale things up. Reinvest and prosper. The first $10k is the hardest.

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