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    So a couple months back i was toying around with the idea of using Amadung to dropship items for ebay auctions.

    Here are some previous posts, if your new to the board

    there's another post in the jr. vip don't have to waste you time reading it, it just verifies the fact that amazon DOES HAVE a drop ship program in place. You can read about their craptacular program here

    So, a couple of weeks ago, i actually sold some items on ebay at a nice profit. I mean, let's say an item was XXX dollars on amazon. I actually sold the item for XXX + 150 to 200 dollars.

    so, all went nice and dandy, untill the people got their items. Not only were these people pissed that they got their item in an amazon box (easy to explainable....told them I was a merchant from amazon)....but it seems like amadung has no idea what a drop ship program is, since they decided to include the invoice (even though i checked on 'send as gift')....not only did they include an invoice, but they include a price 100 dollars less than what I paid for the item. So, if the item cost me XXX dollars....and if the ebayer bought it for XXX + 150, then amazon included an invoice for XXX - 100.... making the user to think they paide 250 dollars more for the item.

    Keep in mind that i'd buy the item directly from amazon...not from an amazon merchant.....

    How do i know that amadung did this?

    I started getting gaypal charge backs w/the buyers bitching that the item 'wasn't right' and that they would accept a partial refund of 250 dollars since they 'know' that I paid XXX for the item.

    After sorting the problem with one of my buyers, he told me of the invoice amazon sent him/her.....

    I guess the only way to drop ship from amazon is to sent the item to your house first, and then send the item to your buyer....but then you lose out on the convenience of dropshipping

    anyway, just thought i'd share my experience with this shitty service. if it saves one person the headache of someone here, i've done my good deed for the day.
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