The Age of a web site is "very Important," however...

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Marketing Mark, Jun 12, 2010.

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    What is the age of the web site based on exactly?

    1. The length of time from which the domain was registered?
    2. The length of time from which the domain has had content on it continuously?
    3. The length of time from which the domain has had that code and/or that type of content on it?
    4. Other

    Client has a 3 1/2 year old domain name and the site has way too many errors according to the W3C validator. (6215 errors). I say it's best to scrap the html/php in favor of something new. But will the "site's age" be effected?

    Thanks my black hat friends, and sorry for the newbie sounding question. (tries to disguise voice).
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    The domain age will not be affected no. Popular websites change their layout, content ect all the time. With that many errors I would be concerned about "on page seo" Some search engines may not pay attention to the issues and others may. I made it a personal goal of mine to have all of my sites pass w3c validations and have never had an issue.

    That number seems a bit extreme so I dont really have any experience on that end of the spectrum. Would probably run better, whatever it is without those issues though.

    Just seems like horrible coding done in Dreamweaver or Frontpage even
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    length of time from when it was noticed by google

    ie if registered in 2003, and google noticed it in 2006, google would likely see it as 4 years old

    If you're going to take it down to down for maintenance, there's some error page you can put up (don't remember what it is, look on the google webmaster blog) that google likes to see so that it doesn't think that your site has a large amount of downtime

    Content / code is fine to change in google's eyes (imagine if people tried to keep up 1996 style pages just because the SE's don't code changes?), however when building your new site you should consider either having the same page structure or 301 redirecting the existing page structure to the new pages, to limit 404s and preserve the existing SEO linkjuice from backlinks
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    Really matters is a link age from other sites linking to it. This domain age stuff is nonsense, especially if it's up for renewal in less than a year.