The Affiliate Link Cloaking Little White Lie

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    There may be some useful information here for many of you. I just sent this email to my list. To respect the forum, I have removed any link to me.

    (You are only allowed to post URLs to other sites after you have made 15 posts or more. Sorry but this includes Smiley faces & email addreses as well)

    Okay, but the links in the email are actually important - your loss.

    One of the things that really frosts me is spending money and
    time on needless scripts. Let me give you one example that is
    pervasive - Affiliate link Cloaking.

    Why in the world do you need to pay for affiliate link cloaking
    scripts when your web server already supplies all the needed
    mechanisms including tracking?

    The last time I checked, my server stats package kept track of
    the following:

    Report number of "human" visits

    Report unique "human" visitors

    Report session duration

    Not ordered records tolerance and reorder for visits

    Statistics for visits are based on

    Statistics for unique visitors are based on

    Report countries

    Report regions (US and Canada states)

    Report cities and major countries regions

    Report ISP

    Report Organizations name

    Report hosts

    Report WhoIs information on hosts

    Report authenticated users

    Report/Filter robots (nb detected)

    Report/Filter worms (nb of families detected)

    Report rush hours

    Report days of week

    Report most often viewed pages

    Report entry pages

    Report exit pages

    Not ordered records tolerance and reorder for entry/exit pages

    Detection of CGI pages as pages (and not just hits)

    Report pages by directory

    Report pages with last access time/average size

    Dynamic filter on hosts/pages/referers report

    Report web compression statistics (mod_gzip,mod_deflate)

    Report file types

    Report by file size

    Report OS (nb detected)

    Report browsers (nb detected)

    Report details of browsers versions

    Report screen sizes

    Report tech supported by browser for Java/Flash/PDF

    Report audio format supported by browser for

    Report search engines used (nb detected)

    Report keywords/keyphrases used on search engines (nb detected)

    Report external referring web page with/without query

    Report HTTP Errors

    Report 404 Errors

    Report 'Add to favorites' statistics

    Other personalized reports for miscellaneous/marketing purpose

    Daily statistics

    Monthly statistics

    Yearly statistics

    Benchmark with no DNS lookup in lines/seconds

    Benchmark with DNS lookup in lines/seconds

    Analyzed data save format (to use with third tools)

    Export statistics to PDF

    Graphical statistics in one page / several / or frames

    Now, I don't know about you, but that list seems to supply plenty
    of data points and this list is from only one of the free
    webserver stats packages available.

    Okay, how do you do cloak a link? A simple server redirect.

    Before I show you how to do it, I want to explain something
    extremely important. If you are using link shortening services
    like tiny URL, please step away from the banjo and crack pipe and

    Why would tiny URL be so interested in supplying you with a
    links shortening service? Altruism?

    In a word - data

    Hear this and hear it good - ANY time your information passes
    through another server, that server can collect YOUR data. If
    you want to see how important data is becoming watch Google and
    see what new tools they supply for you to use and also read the
    section in the following article called: Data is the next Intel

    (O'reilly link removed by your system)

    With all the listed companies out there trying to collect and
    CONTROL all kinds of data, why are so many internet marketers
    just willing to give it away?

    Because they don't know any better. And worse, they don't seem
    to know the BEST tools for the job. Some of these tool choices
    are like deciding to cut grass with a scissors. Maybe you get to
    understand the mating behavior of the common Black Ant, but that
    ain't gonna put any greenbacks in the bank.

    Data and its implications are pervasive and becoming more
    important all the time. Do you think products occupy certain
    places on the store shelf based on guesses? Data protection (and
    disinformation for corporate spies - data) is also a great
    reason for cloaking as well, and yet, no one talks about it.

    Guess what, I will in the future. I will even cue up the
    Camtasia and show you how to actually do it. Everyone is hung up
    on cloaking for SEO. There is so much more to it and I won't
    just give you a useless outline. I will SHOW YOU.

    Okay, on to the redirect. It's so simple The man in "Flowers for
    Algernon" could do if after regressing back to mentally
    challenged state.

    The great thing about a server side redirect is you can create
    any subdirectory structure you want off of the main domain. It
    doesn't even have to exist physically - (i.e. This logical representation is made
    possible by a little file called .htaccess, Apache's
    directory-level configuration file.

    (htacces link removed by your system)

    This ability to create any directory you want can be used for
    BRANDING or to deliver a call to action - BUY-MY-GREAT-STUFF-NOW

    So, in Cpanel go the redirect tab and create your redirect:

    (examples links removed by your system)

    and redirect to the desired location - affiliate link, or

    The great thing about this method is it's fast, free and you get
    your data.

    Now in cPanel again, go look at your stats. I'll have more on
    stats (and, shhh, you don't want to be struck by lightning,
    cloaking) in subsequent emails.

    There is so much more to this technology game than you can get
    from these $47.00 ebooks selling outlines. Where is the damn
    beef? The heck with any old beef, I'm about to deliver steak.

    Did I mention, I like my work?

    There is a reason other marketers have come to me for technical
    advice. Now, I am using my brain for tech and combining forces
    with Tommy's brain for sales and marketing. Tommy has more ideas
    in one day than some people have all year.

    To hear what I mean, sign up to be a Blutonian at:

    (location link removed by your system)

    It's free and there are some videos there that will really get
    you thinking.

    As E.T. so eloquently stated: INPUT

    Talk soon,



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