The 2 faced seller?

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    You must have come across this person?

    Before you buy they come across like your their long lost buddy. They reply quick and long to your questions. Even calling you up asking how things are going etc.

    Replies like

    "There are no stupid questions.."
    "I am glad you asked that because I need to clear it up"
    "Sure anytime I try to give great support"
    "maybe we could get together one day whan i am in XXX land"
    "Good by mate..."

    Ahh.. you think "this one is different" He/She isn't a liar/scammer/BSer You dream of catching the "one honest one" THEN!! BOOM

    THEN after you buy the tone changes.

    Instead of receiving instant repies it can tkae days to get a reply (if ever).

    Then your questions have gone from "no stupid question" to "I have answered that already. Stop pestering me. I am too busy to answer that again...Why do you keep asking the same question? That's a stupid question."

    "What the hell happened to my friend?"

    What happende? His "job" is over. He got you to empty your bank account for him and from now on you are not money to him but a time waster.

    I have seen this so many times. It's like there's two different people. Dr. "i want your money" to Dr, F*** off i have your money.

    So sad. Life on the Net. :dunce:
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    maybe its just the constant stupid questions that get irritating, people are always different in a sales situation.

    when someone is constantly badgering them it can become annoying, especially if you have said it 200 times before

    most people are reasonable, I dont think all sellers are like you describe at all
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