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    The other day I purchased stumbles from stumblematic com and then was redirected to the page to input my information and being Stumbling...well low and behold when I get to the page there is a warning in red stating that the system 'may' not be working properly and to 'Use at your own risk'. WTF???? Use at my own risk...I just paid for this crap. So of course I tried to use it anyway, didnt work..I tried THREE MORE TIMES, still nothing. So after realizing I had just wasted my money I wrote them to request a refund and also told them that if the product wasnt working they should inform people before they purchase. This asshole writes me back and calls me ignorant, rude, and arrogant for telling him the product does not work, and he called me a fool for purchasing the product and hoping it would work...Then goes on to say that I was being uncivil, customers dont come first and a hole other host of bullshit...ROTFL

    So of course I wrote this asshole back and told him basically if he didnt give me my money back he could look forward to getting a claim from paypal. So of course now we are going through the claim because this jerk does not wanna pay up for his shitty service.

    And eventhough i know I am going to get my money back, I plan to tell EVERYONE I CAN about this asshole and his shitty service so No One Else gets SCAMMED!
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    Stumbleudon worked well for a while, Its still ok, but its going to end up making it so that you need 10-20 stumbles just to get any traffic at all.....

    Check out earn your stumbles by stumbling others.... its pretty easy.
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    get stumble bot I got a 6 day old domain that got over 2000 hits today and only used stumbleupon to promote so far
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    Ive never found the traffic converts very well