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    I've been a member of BHW for awhile now and while I would not say I am a "Black Hatter" I can definitely say I have learned A TON from the members of BHW.

    The downloads section has been great. I've found a lot of useful stuff in there, mixed with a lot of time wasting junk of course, but nonetheless it has been worth my time.

    Reading all the posts in the other forums has also helped me gain perspective and information on what everyone else is doing to make a buck or get their sites indexed, etc.

    One thing I have to say is that I am amazed at the lengths that some people will go to in order to make things easier. Seems like if some people spent as much time legitimately doing some things, like link building for instance, as they have trying to find a quick fix or create a program to do it for them, that they would probably be further along than they actually are.

    It sucks though, toiling away day after day and not getting that instant gratification. I have been tempted by the dark side and probably some of the things I've been doing lately lie probably more in the "gray area". I'm hesitant to take any shortcuts because I got penalized by Google for a year on my main site and it's how I make my living and I don't want to ever feel that wrath again.

    Two tools I've discovered that I never would have without BHW are:

    Market Samauri and Artisteer. I haven't actually used a theme from artisteer yet but it has helped me a lot in finding the types of themes that I want and I am sure it will help me immensely with a ton of sites I have that don't have wordpress installed on them yet.

    Market Samauri has been an invaluable tool, which I have been using daily. I've used webposition gold, Arelis, IBP, and a host of other similar programs but MS is definitely the best. I haven't bought the program yet but intend to pay for the software since I'm actually using it.

    I've also found a couple of very useful wordpress themes and plugins, along with a couple of other downloads that I am still using and toying with.

    I try and put a "THANKS" to the posts I need to be thanking but I'm ADD like a motha so sometimes I forget. So if you are reading this and you are a contributor, here's my thanks to you!

    Hopefully, someday I will have something worthwhile to contribute in return, but I've found out after being here for awhile that I'm usually well behind the curve!