Thanks & Help (kind of support) Required from SUPER Experienced in here

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    Hello all, first of all thanks for helping me in my last query which was related to tech support and with the help of Asif WILSON Khan and some other friends I was able to crack the deal not 100% but yes it worked for me till some extent.

    I am glad to know that people do not hesitate to offer help / support with their knowledge.

    Before this, I was into a group of people working for a company where no one helped each other, anyways, right now, I am here to for some suggestions from all the big G haters and performers.

    I have noticed this thing while I was searching for a tv show to watch online, it was GOT, game of thrones. I noticed many sub pages from reddit coming in rank that too very frequently. (this query is also related to that parasite result but this is some thing different)

    After you open their reddit, you will find nothing but just an image which will take you to their landing page, but I am worried how come reddit didnot notice this.

    (A friend of mine told me , this process is called scripting injection / inject scripting, I don't exactly remember.)

    So, my question is how these redditt / other community pages are ranking in like 2 hours, 4 hours

    (same friend told me, they are doing approx 200+ threads on forums, as the threads get cache, community pages keep receiving boost in ranking)

    Some strategy has to be there ? Its not just luck