Thanks for the reality check.

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    Designer Here...

    I have a lot of customers for SEO.. but they are in really low competitive geographycal keyphrases.. so i have had so much success until i recently took a friends project. Her has a small website for posting his casino affiliates..

    So as any other dumbass noob who thought i had it made with SEO i took the contract just to find that well.. i really had no real idea what was REAL competitive SEO all about..

    so I ended up here. After a couple of day and nights, i am still dealing with big heaches when i go to sleep. The info overload is huge.. humbling and makes me feel like an effin retard sometimes.. (reality check here) I couldnt care less.. Its a challenge.. and i am very stuborn.

    Real power comes from knowledge.. and well... sometimes it takes time until you can get some stuff . .so i will just hang out more until things start to make sense to me ..

    I am definetly glad i made it here.

    thanks for reading and i hope to interact with you guys in the future..