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    I'm weird.

    Not a coder or hacker; can only do a bit of HTML(I rely on others to do that for me as I have tons of other sh+t to do!) and I am a mailer.

    A "One Trick Pony".

    Yes, I could take the time to learn but as long as I can rely on others to do the gruntwork, why should I?

    I am not a "manager", even though my brick-and-mortar employment exerience says so.

    Finally after about twenty years moved to "Executive",which is where I shoud have been in the first place and found out that if one was successful, one had better start looking for a new job, like right away.

    Needless to say, I found a couple of new jobs before departing from the "Real World" in about 2000.

    First year on the 'net, (2000)I grossed $60K, which was not much by my standard but better than a jab in the eye with a sharp stick as I was no longer getting the proverbial weekly paycheck!

    I do not want or need to know how the job gets done, only that it does get done.

    I tell the "managers" what I want and rely on them do do it.

    If they don't get the job done, I get someone who will.

    Sometimes when I am asked what I do for a living, I tell them; after I answer, people inquire, "But what is your REAL job?"

    See, I'm a bit older that the average member here and I have few friends in my own age group as for the most part, they are like "Internet...duh?"

    I try to be polite; I no longer bother trying to explain; I just move away on the Group W Bench and head for the tall blue-eyed blonde on the other side of the room!

    I had busness cards made up which descirbe me as an "Internet Consulant".

    I give idiots the cards that say "Ceritified Guarrantor".

    They don't ask what "Certified Guarrantor" means because they are afraid of looking stupid.

    No matter that "Certified Guarrantor" is straight out of John D. MacDonald novel and has no meaning.

    Sure looks good on that embossed biz card though!

    Shuts them right up though and allows me to start hitting on the chicks and getting down to biz!

    I also like my dogs; well, the dogs I care for.

    One cannot "own" the kind of dogs which surround me; "Natural Dogs".

    Assholes won't stay off the furniture though.
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    Hello uptownbulker, Welcome to bh.