Thanks for all your post! I need help with Email Scraper V1,1,3

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    First of all, I would like to say thank your to everyone on the forum. The wealth of info I've been able to absorb and utilize from other users and this site is COMPLETELY priceless.

    So anyway, enough of the sob story, down to the nitty gritty.

    I'm primarily into Adult Niches, for obvious reasons I won't go into to much detail about what I've been doing, as it is still a long term viable source of income, when I move on, I'll do more than share info on it. Cliff notes on what I focus on ( Adult, Sign Ups )

    Anyway, so here's my problem, I scrape emails that I then laser target send emails to recipients. I build my own list, by using Email Scraper V1.1.3 found on botopia on extremely specific targeted websites, that I've done a lot of work on finding. Okay.... so threw some wheeling and dealing, and hard work I've got a potential gold mine to scrape from. The only problem is, it's in https, not http, and Email Scraper v.1.13 found on bottopia doesn't recognize or work with https. ( or maybe it's just my software, or the sites im trying to scrape)

    I'll admit I'm a complete noob when you compare my experience knowledge and skill to the vast majority of the users on this forum. So please don't be to harsh. But how do I configure, my scraper to work with https? Or do I need a different scraper? Please do not refer paid scrappers. ( not that there's anything wrong with some the paid software out there, but the only expenses I allow for IM is Domains and hosting, everything else I'd rather figure out, or program myself.)

    Anyway, thanks again for everything you've already done, and thanks for everything you do in the future!!
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