thanks BHW


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Oct 25, 2008
I love this forum so much
for Christ sake, I've finally made 200 bucks in a month
maybe it's so cheap for senior members here
but it's such a groove for me

I guess I'll give my simple methods here
1. search for cheating YOB script on this forum (just like p*y2s*, etc), it's somewhere I forgot
2. post in several huge forums, in my case I post in general forums, so there's little that know how to being blackhat
3. track as many refferals as you could, I've got about 200 reff and teach them how to cheat YOB sites
4. let them click ads, just stay our account clean, believe me they will hungry like hell to cheat the YOB by clicking ads rapidly since they have no experience about blackhat.
5. and after a month, I've earned 213$......

now I'm thinking another way to earn some green..... just tribute to this forum.

ps : sorry for my bad english, I come from country that not using english as primary language
Congrats on your first $200. Maybe your post will inspire new members to go out there and take some action.

PS: Lets double that!
Well...i am surprise that this method still works...and congrats to your NICE start... hope you post more of your future results here...And motivate others...

I'm considering try the AC's way
but I'm not live in US and not US citizen either
the real problem is the tax id, what should I do??
brite.. i've been searchin for YOB script and found it but the link is dead now.. could you upload it please or just tell me where to download it ... thanks

keep with it! turn that $200 into $400 and so on and so on.....reinvest and scale up
first Congratulations on your $200. and i hope you DOUBLE that amount soon.
second. thanks for sharing it speaks very good about you.
third. what is a YOB script ??
I've lost that file too
I'll explain in this thread instead

you can search on mr G
just search "earn money in seconds"
and you'll get tons of webs with yob script

my fav is pay2surf
they give you the highest payment per ads

what you're goin to do is
1. view ads
2. wait till the counter done, but don't close the window
3. just add zero (0)
you add zero, and become
4. and the counter will start again
5. you can add zero (0) more than once
like hxxp://pay*2*
6. and the counter will always restart again

but remember don't get any suspicious
don't ask for payout if you don't have any referals
and don't use same password with your paypal or alertpay account
cause they can checked it

Man, that's a great way of cheating the site! You got a list of forums you posted on to get your referrals before?
actually pay to surf OR click has been along time in the internet...

how about a suggestion of this NEW section ? ;)

Can make extra money..why not ? :)
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