Thanks BHW members for coming out! Prizes and more at our table...

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    Wanted to give a big thanks to our BHW members that came out to see our ViceOffers network stand last night at the fort lauderdale biztobiz show

    Made some great connections and will have more offers coming to our network this week!
    Some exclusive to only our network!

    Also, gave away some bottles of wine. If you're in the south florida area shoot me a pm. We'll get some drinks together and keep in you touch whenever we have more events. And be sure to come to our annual yacht party! The last one was AMAZING!

    Weekly Net0 payments is the fastest way to grow if you're a marketer! We also have been adding some local offers, our newest one is a cleaning product that not only cleans but it's so eco-friendly you can actually eat it. Yes I drank some... tasted a little funny but it def. did clean. We are helping them setup their offer online as they currently only sell to retail stores.

    stand fort lauderdale biztobiz.jpg

    Would love to see more of you guys out there. We will also be at the vegas summit this year. Hope you are ready to party!
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