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    I just wanted to thank BHW for the powerful info that is shared on here.I have shared what I could to help people.I have butted heads with members on here because I am hot headed.I just take up for myself.....This site bar-none is the best tome of wisdom for getting rich online.I just thank the owners of this site for not banning me when I got into it with another member....I'm pretty sure I gained the rep as a dick head on here.....But i'm really not.....I just take up for myself.....But,anyway.....I love this site....And I want to thank everybody who has helped me,,,,,And everybody I have helped i'll bring you more in the future

    Thanks BHW.....You Rock
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    I don't know if every that you were a dick or if it was just your avatar. Now that you changed it, you look like a real human been. So good choose changing the avatar:)
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    Thanks Plat.Props to you.
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    But,this place rocks.....And sorry to everbody I got into it with and think i'm an asshole.
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    Haha, that could explain the reputation of "5".