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Thank you BHW helped step up my pimpin

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by flipperace, Jul 16, 2011.

  1. flipperace

    flipperace Registered Member

    Dec 15, 2010
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    Finally I have had my first viral campaign. I started out IM in like 02-04 with a hp from 1998 with windows 98 lol installed with friend blaster pro my first program was friend blaster pro. From then on I was always able to get something to sell and make some cash here some cash there then till I read Tim Ferris's book the 4 Hour Work Week. Always Staying away from forums ( I hated the Idea of a Forum). After reading Tim's book it brought me to the place where All I do is Im and only put in 10-50hrs per week. The extra 40hrs is considering taking on new projects to expand my income source. So realistically I can stop really working hard and be fine with bills paid and putting some extra scratch away, after even having some good fun during the month.

    Now Until the end of last year did I find BHW because a download I wanted and I had to sign up. I signed up and since it was like 3am I took a look around the site since the dark screen is easier on the eyes. Now just after the time of reading through plenty of the posts here on tactics, software, the list will go on and on, I bookmarked the site and started coming back every day.

    Wanting to know more and more because the more I read the more I would notice the tatics and tips that they use would be people's campaigns that I would run into online and be like "man how do they do that?". But that wasn't enough, I wanted to know how do these go do this so well. It took me about 3 months of being on BHW that this not the only question you should ask.

    I could go over all the things that I asked myself and the experiences but I will just put to you some of the biggest things I accomplished since I have been here at BHW.

    -Youtube partnership

    -1st place rankings on google, yahoo, bing with and without seo
    selling my own branded products for some strong niche keywords

    -My own personal rack in my house back up battery that is hard to dead lift lol

    -Some nice toys

    - A Viral FB campaign that is bringing massive users to my site

    - And last but not least a new way to look at the way I do things and how to think freely so I can be creative and not have to depend fully on others.

    So in summary If you really are her on BHW to make money really you can take a method from prob from even a year or two ago and make some money, and if you cant, its because you are not doing something right you are being stupid. Dont worry its normal. You are going to fail get used to it. But if you really listen, understand, ask questions, take action. Rinse Repeat. you will get better. Focus on becoming your own person, there are so many great minds in this forum and the numbers are most of those people who are reading this post will fail at IM only like 20% most will succeed AT MOST. The ones that succeed well you come here to read their posts right lol

    Best of Luck