[Testing Waters] Hide blackhat activities from AM on site

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    Everyone knows it's good to hide or fake your referrer so you don't cross paths with your AM, but sometimes even that isn't enough and you still end up with one less CPA account.

    I'm thinking of putting together a PHP package that will allow you to put up even more safeguards against your AM.

    The idea is that whatever blackhat things you're doing; namely iframes, incentives on non-incentive offers, or other TOS-breaking activities; can be hidden from your AM.

    The way it would work is you would either:
    a) only show your blackhat things to people coming from certain traffic sources,
    b) allow all traffic sources except for a list of banned sources, or
    c) either a or b plus either allow/deny a blank traffic source (usually you'll want to deny in case your AM goes directly to your site)

    Is this something you guys would be interested in? Settings will be as easy-to-use and manage as possible, with very minimal understanding of coding elements required (basically you will just need to cut/paste 1-2 lines of PHP). Lists of allowed/banned sources will be editable in a simple text file.

    Please also suggest any additional features you might be interested in!
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